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Address: Dunkri 5, Tallinn.

Rae Meierei is a restaurant with a unique concept in Tallinn’s Old Town. The restaurant has an industrial interior design and welcomes you to look around and admire the details. In addition to the open-kitchen restaurant, there is also a modern cheese factory, a distillery, and a vodka museum.

It is a great place to get together after arriving in Estonia and before the official opening of the Congress to meet your old and new friends and colleagues. Light snacks and drinks are served during the evening. The evening starts at 19:00 and ends at 23:00. Come by anytime you like.

Date: 14th June, 2020



Address: Estonia pst 9, Tallinn.

The Ice-Breaking Party will be held in the Congress Venue – the Alexela Concert Hall.

The Alexela Concert Hall was opened to the public in 2009 with a vision to offer exceptional possibilities for various events and conferences. The large hall of the Concert Hall has 1,829 seats on three levels. Our Ice-Breaking Party will take place in the multifunctional lobbies with a total area of 3,300 m2 alongside the Congress exhibition.

By the end of the first official Congress day You get the chance to relax and network with local delicacies and light drinks to be served. You have the time to visit the Congress exhibition booths, make new contacts and enjoy a versatile cultural programme to get to know Estonians a little bit more.

Date: 15th June, 2020

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At the end of the exciting day of field trips we will invite all delegates to gather in a beautiful setting of countryside near Tallinn to get a glimps of what’s the white nights and midsummer’s eve in the Nordics are about. 

The midsummer or St. John’s Day (Jaanipäev as it is known in Estonia), is one of the oldest local celebrations. Due to its northern location, Estonia experiences the summertime “White Nights” phenomena, when the sun sets late and the nights is dusk at most. Midsummer coincides closely with the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere – the summer solstice. This year the solstice occurs on June 21st. Just few days before it, when we gather to celebrate the midsummer’s eve, you shall be prepared to witness how the dusk meets dawn.  

Midsummer’s Eve is interwined with many folk beliefs. Children stay up until dawn, while young lovers wander through the forest looking for a lucky fern flower said to bloom only on this time of the year. If you are lucky enough to spot a glowworm, you may expect a great fortune. The more adventurous boys and girls are known to take a jump over the bonfire in hopes of achieving prosperity or to swing as high as possible on the village’s wooden swing. More moderate traditions include singing, dancing and telling old folk tales.

Our Congress guests will have the bus transfer to the event location after the field trips. Delegates who are not attending the field trip programme, have the opportunity to take the Congress shuttle bus from Tallinn directly to the Küla Villa. Delegates who are too exhausted after the field trips and prefer to head to the hotel for good night rest can have the shuttle bus back to Tallinn. Additional bus transfers will be organised from Küla Villa to Tallinn city centre hourly from 22:00 until 1:00.

Date: 17th June 2020

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Address: Pirita tee 56, Tallinn.

To remind You that Tallinn lays on the shore of the Baltic Sea we will take the dinner guests to the newly restored Maarjamäe History Centre. For centuries, the place we now know as Maarjamäe was one of the many places in Tallinn where people flocked to enjoy the summer season. The outdoor exhibition “My Free Country” unfolds over 100 years, making it possible to discuss both the past and the future. 4-course dinner will be served and complimented with an exciting cultural programme. 

Gala dinner is available for all the delegates. Please register Your participation during your online registration. Additional fee will apply.

Special bus transfer will be organised from the Congress venue to the Gala Dinner venue and back for all the attendees of the Gala Dinner.

Date: 18th June, 2020

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